Introducing The Gift of Living in The Divine Will

With Reverend Father B. Thomas Celso, BDV


The School of Mary Invocation
Oh Mary, Mother of mercy, Queen of the Divine Will, please teach us to love Jesus and live in the spirit of our vocation more and more, the spirit of faith, hope and love, the spirit of obedience and of loving the Holy Will of God, the spirit of chastity, poverty and humility, the spirit of mercy and apostolic zeal for the salvation of souls, especially those whom the boundless mercy of Your Divine Son has entrusted to us. Amen
Fiat Voluntas Tua sicut in Caelo et in Terra

“Every day, as long as this ‘today’ lasts, keep encouraging one another.” Heb 3:13

Reflections from the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska

Monday, June 14 • from The Divine Mercy website

The United Heart of Jesus and St. Faustina
Through the Heart of Jesus

On Friday, during Mass, when my soul was flooded with God’s happiness, I heard these words in my soul: My mercy has passed into souls through the divine-human Heart of Jesus as a ray from the sun passes through crystal. I felt in my heart and understood that every approach to God is brought about by Jesus, in Him and through Him (Diary, 528).

In this retreat, I shall keep you continually close to My Heart, that you may better know My mercy, that mercy which I have for people and especially for poor sinners (Diary, 730).

My Prayer Response:
Jesus, may the rays of mercy that come from Your Heart shine upon the world and especially on poor sinners. Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

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May 14, 2021

(Extracts from the Book of Heaven by Luisa Piccarreta)
Compiled by Ann Ellison

May 14, 2021


Dear Divine Will Family,
I know you know that it seems very likely that our country and our world could be headed for some very serious storms…the human will raging against the Divine Will, basically. It seems that things are escalating so much and so fast that the point of no return could be reached very soon.

As children of the Divine Will it seems that we can look at this in only two ways. First, of course, is the sorrow of all that is going on throughout our country and our world. The sorrow our Heavenly family must be experiencing seeing the total disregard of the joy, peace, and love with which Our Lord wants so badly to fill this world! And it is most important for us to pray out loud, through our Masses and our Rosaries, Chaplets, etc. for the whole world, and by doing all our acts in the Divine Will!

God sees brilliant suns coming from earth with every act done in His Holy Will. Prayerfully, these suns keep Our Lord’s attention on the children doing these Divine acts with so much love in His Will, and not on the enormous sins committed daily by so many souls who have no idea what they are doing. We must pray for them. Jesus tells us to pray for our enemies…we must!

Another way we could look at the situation in the world during this time in history, and keep this in our minds and in our attitudes, especially, is that we are such privileged creatures! We are full of God, full of His love, full of His forgiveness and full of Faith and confidence in His love and care for us. Only through the storms can the Kingdom of God come! Nothing as good and heavenly as the Kingdom of God can come without sacrifice and suffering. It is a fact that can be researched and looked at all through history. And nothing is more holy, more pure, more joyful and more Divine than the Kingdom of God reigning on this earth fully and completely!

There will be a “NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH!”

“I saw a new heaven and a new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth was gone: and the sea is now no more. And I, John, saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice from the throne, saying: Behold the tabernacle of God with men: and he will dwell with them. And they shall be his people: and God himself with them shall be their God.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes: and death shall be no more, nor mourning, nor crying, nor sorrow shall be any more, for the former things are passed away.
And he that sat on the throne, said: “Behold, I make all things new. And he said to me: Write, for these words are most faithful and true.”

“And they shall bring the glory and honor of the nations into it. There shall not enter into it anything defiled or that worketh abomination or maketh a lie: but only they that are written in the book of life of the Lamb. Rev. Chapter 21.2-5/26-27

The lion will lay down by the lamb, the joy and happiness of this Kingdom cannot even be comprehended by the human mind! Our attitudes should be one of joy and happiness that God is moving things in such a way that His Kingdom reigning on earth is so much closer to becoming reality! There’s a chance that our children, certainly our grandchildren will live in this Heavenly Kingdom! Can you imagine that you aided in your children and grandchildren living such a life?? We are the ones written in the book of life of the Lamb!! How incredible!!

Let us rejoice and be glad. God created us to be here at this time for this reason! We can watch the storm from afar, or if it be God’s Will, we can gladly and joyfully give our lives for a Kingdom so holy, for our children and grandchildren!! Can you think of a better way to die? I can’t! But only God’s Will be done!! He has it all figured out already. He can see the storm, He can see us and His plans for each of us, He can see the end of the story! So, as they say in these writings: “Moreover, as the soul senses the storm, she puts her virtues in order, and nests in the inmost depths of God”

We love all of you so very much and keep each of you in our daily prayers! May God keep us always calm and full of confidence in His care and love of us during any storm, small or great!
Ann Ellison

Volume 3
January 12, 1900

Ah, yes, humility draws down grace and breaks sin’s strongest chains. Humility leaps over any wall of division between the soul and God, and brings her back to Him. Humility is a little plant, but always green and flowery. She is not subject to being gnawed by worms; nor will winds, hail or heat be able to harm her, or to make her wither, even slightly. Though she is the littlest plant, humility produces very high branches, which penetrate even into Heaven. Her branches surround Our Lord’s Sacred Heart; and only the branches which come from this plant have free access to that adorable Heart. Humility is the anchor of peace during the storms of the sea-waves of this life. Humility is the salt which spices all virtues and which preserves the soul from the corruption of sin. Humility is the little grass which sprouts along the wayfarers’ path. When she is trodden upon, she disappears, but she soon sprouts up more beautiful than before. Humility is like a gentle graft, which renders a wild plant gentle. Humility is the sunset of guilt. Humility is the newborn of grace. Humility is like the moon, which guides us in the darkness of this life’s night. Humility is like a shrewd merchant who knows how to trade his riches well, and who wastes not even a cent of the grace given to him. Humility is the key to the door of Heaven, so that no one can enter into It who does not take good care of this key. Finally—otherwise I will take too long and never end—humility is the smile of God and of all Heaven, and the sorrowful weeping of hell.

Volume 8
March 15, 1908

Storms cannot disturb souls who are filled with God.
This morning, I was feeling more oppressed than ever because of the absence of my highest and only Good. But at the same time, I was peaceful, without that anxiety that used to make me wander ceaselessly through Heaven and earth, until I found Him. So, I was saying to myself: “What a change has come over me—I feel petrified from the pain of your absence, but I do not cry. A profound peace completely possesses me; not a negative breath enters into me.”

At that moment, blessed Jesus came and told me: “My daughter, do not let yourself be troubled. You must know that during a violent sea-storm, the storm affects only the surface waters. The depths of the sea remain perfectly calm, their waters, tranquil, and the fish, when they sense a storm coming, nest where the water is deeper to be safe. That is why the brunt of the storm strikes where the sea is shallow—because where there is little water, the storm has the power to shake it from top to bottom, and even to carry it elsewhere, to other parts of the sea.

“The same thing happens to souls who are filled to the brim with God and overflowing. No storm has the power to upset them even slightly, because no power can defy God. At the most, they may feel it superficially. Moreover, as the soul senses the storm, she puts her virtues in order, and nests in the inmost depths of God. In this way, while the storm seems to rage externally, it is a complete mirage. Indeed, it is then that the soul enjoys more peace, and rests, tranquilly, in the bosom of God, like a fish in the bosom of the sea.

“It is just the opposite for souls who are empty of God, or who contain a faint trace of the divine presence. Storms deeply disturb them; and if they possess a trace of the divine presence, they waste it. Nor does it take strong storms to disturb them; the slightest wind suffices to strip them of their virtues. Even the holy things that give rest and delight to the friends of God disturb these souls. They are blown about by every wind without finding dead calm—for reason itself dictates that no man can find peace apart from God.”

Volume 11
March 7, 1915

The enormous sins of the world and, even more, those within the Church cause chastisements as a means of purification.
The thought of the chastisements—and that I might increase them by getting out of my victim state by my own efforts––was piercing my heart. My Confessor was still not well, and I prayed and I cried, and I couldn’t make up my mind. Blessed Jesus passed by in a flash and left me free. Finally, moved by compassion, He came to caress me and to sympathize with me and said: “My daughter, your fidelity has won Me over. Love and prayer bind Me and almost wage war against Me. That I why I came to be with you for a little while—I could not resist any longer. Poor daughter, don’t cry—I am here, all for you! Patience, courage; don’t lose heart! If you knew how much it hurts Me to punish men! But their ingratitude compels Me to do this—their enormous sins, their unbelief, their will to defy Me.
“And this is the least of their offenses. If I told you about the religious ones… how many sacrileges! How many rebellions! How many pretend to be my children, while they are my worst enemies! How many false sons are usurpers, egotists, and unbelievers. Their hearts are bilges of vice. Indeed, these children will be the first to wage war against the Church; they will try to kill their own Mother. O how many of them are already about to remove their masks! Now there is war among governments; soon they will make war against the Church, and her greatest enemies will be her own children. My Heart is shredded with pain.
“But, in spite of all this, I will let this storm pass by. I will allow the face of the earth and the churches to be washed by the blood of the same ones who smeared and polluted them. I want You also to unite yourself with my pain. I want you to pray and be patient as you watch this storm pass by.”

Volume 12
August 6, 1917

The Divine Will makes the soul happy.
As I continued in my usual state, my ever-beloved Jesus came; and since I was suffering greatly from his absences and because of the constant threat of worse chastisements, He told me: “My daughter, cheer up, do not lose heart too much. My Will makes souls happy, even in the midst of the fiercest storms. Moreover, my Will lifts the soul so high that storms cannot touch her, although she sees them and hears them. Storms cannot enter the place where she dwells. It is always serene with a smiling sun, because her origin is in Heaven, her nobility is Divine, and her holiness is in God –and she is kept there by God Himself. I am jealous of the sanctity of this soul who lives in my Will, and I keep her in my inmost Heart, and I say: ‘Nobody touch her. My Will is intangible and sacred, and it must receive honor from every creature.’”

July 11, 1919
Souls contain little heavens.

I am going through most bitter days. My beloved Jesus makes Himself seen but rarely or not at all—or else like lightning flashing by. I remember that one night He appeared to me weary and exhausted, carrying what looked like a bundle of souls in his arms. And, looking at me, He told me: “Ah! my daughter, the slaughter that they will unleash will be so great that only this bundle of souls which I am carrying in my arms will be saved. What madness has come over mankind! But I do not want you to be disturbed—remain faithful during my absence, and after the storm I will repay you with interest for all my absences, redoubling my visits and my graces.” Then, on the verge of tears, He disappeared.

(Our Lady of Garabandal said, “Few will see God!”)

Volume 17
February 15, 1925

Full of astonishment, I said: “My Love, my Jesus, how beautiful is the Heaven of Your Will! How good it is to be under It! O how refreshing and wholesome is Its celestial air!”

And Jesus squeezed me more tightly to Himself and said to me: “Daughter of My Will, each act in My Will is a new heaven that stretches out over the head of the soul, each one more beautiful than the material heaven. The air of these heavens is divine and bears sanctity, love, life, strength, and every kind of delight all joined together. This is why one breathes a sweet, balsamic air. My Will in Heaven fortifies, beatifies, delights, and penetrates everywhere, transforming and divinizing everything in Itself. On the other hand, it works in the soul who possesses these new heavens of My Will on earth. And while It works, It delights Itself in stretching out these new heavens. Indeed, My Will labors and works more in the wayfaring soul than in the Heavenly Jerusalem. There the works of the Saints are finished; there is nothing more for them to do. But here My Will always has something to do in the soul in whom It reigns. That is why It wants everything for itself. It does not want to leave a single act to the human will, because It wants to do so much. And with each act that It leaves to the human will, one more heaven would be left rolled up and Its works would be one less.

“Ah, you do not know what happens in the soul when she gives My Will full liberty to work in her and when she works in My Will! Imagine the sea when the waves rise up so strong and high that their force even carries the fish up high—so that they can be seen in those waves, lifted up by the violence of the storm. The storm’s force makes the fish go out from the depths of the sea—from their normal home—and lifts them on high, together with the waves. The waves have swept them away, and the fish could not resist their power. But without the force of the waves, they would not know to go out from the sea. O if the sea had unlimited force…it would empty the seabed of all its water. It would form the highest waves, and sweep all of the fish away in them.

“But what the sea cannot do because its power is limited, My Will can do. As My Will does Its acts in the soul who works in It, It forms eternal waves in her and sweeps everything away in them. And all that My Humanity did is seen in these waves—all of My heavenly Mother’s works, those of the Saints, and all that the Divinity Itself did—everything is set in motion. My Will is more than the sea; my works and those of the Saints can be compared to the fish that live in the sea. When My Will works in the soul—and also outside of the soul—everything in My Will is moved, lifted up, and set in order to give glory, love and adoration back to Us. They pass before Us in procession saying: ‘We are Your works; You are great and powerful; and that is why You have made us so beautiful.’

“My Will encloses all goodness and beauty. And when My Will works, It leaves nothing behind so that nothing of Ours might be lacking so that Our Glory may be complete. And this is no surprise—because it is Our Eternal Action that unfolds in the soul. That is why the action of My Will can be called the Eternal Wave that sweeps Heaven and earth away as if in a single point and then diffuses Itself over everyone as the bearer of a Divine Act. O how Heaven rejoices when It sees the Eternal Will working in the soul because the blessed—their works in the Divine Will already confirmed in Heaven—see their works flow in that Divine Act; and they feel twice the glory, joy, and happiness.

“That is why I urge you—since you are the Little Daughter of My Supreme Will—to leave each of your acts in the arms of the Eternal Waves of My Will. Then, as these waves reach the foot of Our Throne in Heaven, We can always confirm you even more strongly as the true daughter of Our Will and grant you favors of grace for your brothers and our children.”

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Fr. Tim Sokol’s Series of Short Talks on “How to pray in the Divine Will”

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Queen of the Divine Will

Queen of the Divine Will

The Gift Of Living In The Divine Will In The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta. The Return of the Creature To The Order, To The Place, And To The Purpose For Which It was Created By God.

Divine Will Retreat: August 13-15, 2021

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Resisting the Diabolical Quantum Leap; or, Keeping Your Head Screwed-On Straight

An article by Daniel O’Connor from May 26, 2021. Full Article Link HERE:


Soon, what has hitherto only been considered in fiction will seem to be presented to you in reality. This presentation, however, will not be to your benefit — though benevolence will be the guise. It will also be a lie, as those proffering it will have no regard for Truth. For what shall be presented to you will be precisely the false and seductive marvels wrought by the devil’s minions; false marvels prophesied for the times of distress upon the threshold of which we now stand. False marvels that will win over to the dark side those who do not take both Faith and Reason completely seriously.

I would like to warn you in advance about this coming diabolical invitation you will soon receive in hopes that, being forewarned, you will be more likely to realize it for what it is and reject it.

This article is dense and very long; it is more of an eBook that I am publishing here and now for free than it is a blog post. I present it, therefore, as more of a reference work that you may wish to consult portions of when the need arises, as opposed to an exhortation or announcement that is urgent to immediately read in its entirety. I have also added some particularly important points in red, in hopes of grabbing the attention of those who prefer to skim. I will add a dedicated link to this post on the sidebar, so that you can easily find it just by going to I might also update this post in the future.You may click here to download this post as a printable PDF. And I encourage you to do so and save it to your computer, in case I get censored; the PDF also has a clickable Table of Contents, and you may overall find it more amenable to comfortable reading.)

Towards the bottom of this post, after the “33 Truths” that are this post’s focus, you will find several Appendices, each with a large heading to facilitate skipping directly to them:

  1. Science vs. Pseudoscience vs. Preternatural vs Supernatural,
  2. Seers mustn’t be treated as oracles (Within this appendix, I explain my stepping down from an apostolate)
  3. On Science Itself
  4. On Conspiracy

Then, you will find an “Addendum on Disappointment,” to which you should turn if at any point reading this article you find yourself… disappointed.

Finally, here is a list of all my other new writings, most of which I have not published until now, that are linked to at various places within this post:

To read the rest of the article Click HERE

A Beautiful Round to do on Good Friday

Shared with permission and request to remind all that it is property of the Center for the Divine Will:

Dear Divine Will Family,

Below is a most beautiful round to do on Good Friday. I compiled this during the time I lived in Garabandal at the House of Sanctification. It is a long story but suffice to say that the 11:00 pm reading in the Hours of the Passion book in the early days was an edition that is contributed to Luisa’s last confessor, Don Benedetto Calvi. He asked Luisa to expand on the 11:00 pm hour in the Passion book and to me it was so beautiful. That expansion is not in the St. Hannibal’s edition which is what most people have today. I loved that 11:00 pm hour so much that I compiled it in to these rounds so I could continue to pray it.

You are welcome to pass it around, but please keep the information about the Center for the Divine Will with it because it is copyrighted and it is the property of the Center for the Divine Will. We have see people using it and putting it out in public without giving the Center any credit, which is an offense in the eyes of God!

Thank you and may your Good Friday be totally united with Jesus in His sufferings! May we all compassionate Him with all our hearts! And with these Rounds, maybe we can help save some souls, prayed united completely with His Holy Will!

~ Ann Ellison

Making Rounds Through Mary With

“Souls, souls, come; give Me relief; take a place in my Humanity. I want you, I yearn for you. Ah, do not be deaf to my voice; do not render vain my ardent desires, my Blood, my Love, my Pains. Come souls, come!” “Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion of Our Lord, Jesus Christ” by Luisa Piccarreta, Little Daughter of the Divine Will.

Entering into Your Divine Will, I pray:

**My Mother, holding on to your maternal hand, let us console our Jesus by going all over the world in search of souls. In each drop of Blood that Jesus shed during His Most Sorrowful time in the Garden, let us enclose all souls of all centuries. Let us enclose their every thought, word, and action. By means of this Divine, Redeeming Blood may all souls be cast into the flames of His Most Sacred Heart so that they may receive the graces necessary to surrender themselves to His Eternal and Benevolent Love! Let us surround Jesus with these souls that He loves so dearly, and that have been transformed and made gentle by means of His Blood and the Flames of His Heart. Then we can give to Jesus what He wants most – souls! Let us do all we can, most Sorrowful Mother, to make Jesus happy and console Him from His most bitter agony! As we console Jesus with souls, dearest Mother, I pray you to be consoled too!

**May all the Angels and Saints accompany us, and help in disposing souls to receive this Most Precious Blood. We pray not one drop of Jesus’ Blood nor Its efficacious effect be lost on any soul. Let us hurry, my Mother, Jesus is in agony, and the suffering of seeing the loss of so many souls is almost more than He can bear! He is watching us to see if we are going to hurry. Let us go, Mother, let us go now! Amen

For His Kingdom to Come:

  • Let us give Jesus’ Most Precious Blood to all of the dying so that, putting the demons to flight, It will dispose them to receive the last sacraments and die a good and holy death.
  • Let us also give the dying, Jesus’ agonies, His kisses, His tears and His Wounds. Let us break the cord of affections for all things on earth and make them all hear the words of forgiveness.
  • Mother be with Jesus when He judges these souls and pray Jesus will find them covered with His Blood, and abandoned in His Heart, and He will give His pardon to everyone.
  • O Mother, let us fly to those souls who are about to commit a mortal sin and let us cover them with Jesus’ Blood so that with It they may find the strength and grace not to fall into sin. May this most Efficacious Blood bring them to surrender themselves totally to their Loving Savior.
  • Let us give Jesus’ Blood to those who have already fallen into sin. O Mother, they are dead to grace. Let us give them Jesus’ Blood, so full of Life, so that they will find the strength to rise from their fall and to rise again more beautifully for Jesus’ consolation.
  • Let us drench in Jesus’ Blood those souls who bear the mark of perdition. These souls sin and then run from Jesus because they despair of His forgiveness. May this Most Loving Blood cancel the mark of perdition and leave in its place that of salvation.
  • O Mother, there are good and innocent souls who have creatures all around them with so many snares and scandals so as to snatch away their innocence. Let us seal them with the Most Precious Blood of Jesus to protect their innocence and enclose them in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus as a wall of defense so that sin may not enter into them. This is Jesus’ most bitter and sorrowful agony – the harm and loss of innocent souls!!
  • Let us run together and go into the regions of the heretics and the infidels. With Jesus’ Efficacious Blood, and putting them in your maternal hands, may they be granted the great grace of recognizing and understanding their Savior, Jesus.
  • O Mother, let us now go to the afflicted to comfort them, to the poor so that they may suffer their poverty with resignation, to the tempted so they may obtain victory, to the unbelievers so that the virtue of faith may triumph in them, to the blasphemers that they may give blessings instead.
  • Now let us go to the Priests so that they may understand their mission and to make strong their vocations. May they be worthy ministers of Jesus and may their words and actions glorify God alone.
  • Let us give this Blood to the leaders of the peoples so that they may be united among themselves and feel gentleness and love toward their subjects.
  • Let us now fly into Purgatory, Mother, to pour this Precious Blood on the suffering souls for their consolation and liberation and to quench the fire that burns them and purifies their stains.
  • Permit, O Mother, to give this Precious Blood to you as well for your greater glory and may this Blood inundate you with new light and new happiness and grant that this light descend in favor of all creatures to give to everyone the grace of salvation.
  • **My Mother, please give this Blood to me as well. You know how much I need it. With your own most tender and loving hands wash my whole being with this Blood. Purify my stains, heal my wounds, enrich my poverty. Make this Blood circulate in my veins and give back to me all of Jesus’ Life. Let it descend into my heart and transform it into His own Heart. Let it embellish me so that Jesus may be able to find all His pleasure in me.
  • Lastly, O Mother, let us enter into the heavenly regions and give this Blood to all the Saints and to all the Angels so that they may receive greater glory and burst forth into thanksgiving to Jesus and pray for us so that, in virtue of this Blood, we may be able to join them. And after having given this Blood to everyone, let us return to Jesus. Angels and Saints come with us. Ah, He longs for souls. He wants them all to re-enter into His Humanity. Let us gather all of them around Him, Sweet Mother.
  • Let us call all the elements to keep Him company so that they may also give Jesus honor. The sunlight, the stars, the flowers, the birds, the elements of the earth. But, Jesus does not seek light, stars, flowers and birds. No, He wants souls, souls!
  • Here is everyone together with me. Mary Magdalene is here also, as well as Martha and all the loving souls of all centuries. Oh Jesus, with Your dear Mother at your side, accept them and say a word of forgiveness and of love to everyone. Bind them all in your Love so that no soul may ever escape You again.

**My Life-Giving Jesus, I give myself into Your hands so that You may freely do with me that which most pleases You and, for Your Kingdom to come and in Your Most Holy Will, I want to follow You wherever You go and do whatever You do. I want to be with You during Your reparations and in suffering Your pains. I want to always be around You so that there may be no offense for which I will not repair, no bitterness which I will not sweeten, no spittle or blows which You receive from all mankind that will not be followed by my kiss and caress. If You fall, my hands will always be ready to help You rise. Therefore, my Jesus, I always want to be with You nor do I ever want to leave You alone even for one minute. And, to be more secure, place me within Your Most Holy Humanity and I will be in your mind, in your gazes, in your Heart and in your whole self, so that whatever You do I may do it as well. Thus I will be able to keep You faithful company without losing track of any of your pains and to give You in everything my exchange of love.

My afflicted Love, I offer You these rounds in memory of your Passion and Death in order to disarm the just anger of God for so many sins, for the conversion of all sinners, for the peace of the peoples, for my sanctification and in suffrage for the souls in Purgatory and for the Triumph of the Church so that She may cover the earth with saints!

** These paragraphs are to be read in unision.

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For Your Discernment…

On Monday, March 29, 2021, 1:31 PM, Ann E wrote:


Dear Divine Will Family,
I am sending this news out because I trust the man who sent it to me, Francis Yuen. He is a very devout lover of Divine Will and I have communicated with Francis for over 20 years. I find him a very serious and knowledgeable soul who loves truth! I am sending this out for your own discernment. I know Francis will keep us informed. May God be glorified through this event!
Fiat always, may God’s Will alone be done!
We love you and keep each of you in our daily prayers!
Ann E

Hi Ann and Kathy,
Today, I received a call from Sita who is in Samoa (she’s known affectionately as “Mother Luisa” by the locals there). For a quick introduction, Sita was a former member of the Central Auckland Divine Will Cenacle (which I set up) where she learned about Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and The Gift of Living in the Divine Will. Sita then returned to Samoa and started up a Divine Will cenacle in Samoa under the auspices of the archbishop there. A notable member of that cenacle is a certain Toa who is a stigmatist.

Anyway, today’s call is about a certain 16 year old James from the mountain in Samoa who has been having “conversations” (usually on Fridays) with Jesus since he was 12 years old. Jesus Himself introduced James to The Gift of Living in the Divine Will and to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta (who was addressed as St Luisa by Jesus) and Jesus wants James’ Divine Will prayer group to be called “Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Divine Will”. By the way, do you know that “Sa Moa” literally means Sacred Heart. Jesus also wants James’ Divine Will prayer group to join up with the main Divine Will cenacle led by Sita.

Last Friday, Jesus told James that he will be taken away and James thought that it would be the end of his life on Earth and so he asked Jesus what about his parents and Jesus replied that James will be taken away for 3 days and Luisa (la santa) will return him back on Easter Sunday.

James has been shown Luisa la santa’s place in Heaven and he asked Jesus how come Luisa who is a creature is seen as of the same level as Jesus in Heaven and Jesus replied by saying that all souls who have lived in the Divine Will while on Earth will be likewise privileged in Heaven. (Editor’s note: So let us not let Our Lord down. Let us always live in the Divine Will so as to give God infinite, perfect and eternal love, glory, praise, blessing, adoration and thanksgiving in the name of all creatures past, present and future).

Jesus also told James that on Easter Sunday, the whole wide world will feel His Physical Presence. I then asked Sita whether this has anything to do with The Great Warning and she said she will ask James to ask Jesus. She will keep me posted and I will keep you posted. Both the local archbishop and the Prime Minister of Samoa have been informed.

Sita kept asking me to spread the word to the people, To Be Prepared!

Francis Yuen

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Daniel O’Connor’s Comment about Nov 18

Before addressing the extremely important (and rarely noted) lesson in the parable of today’s Gospel, a few notes.

First, I’d like my readers to sleep soundly Tuesday night, so I should emphasize that, in my last post, I was not (and am not) predicting calamity for this upcoming Wednesday (11/18). I was (and am) simply noting that November 18, 2020 will, in fact, be a horrendous anniversary, and we should mark it with fervent prayer beseeching the Divine Mercy upon this world. 

On the other hand, we should be sure to remain vigilant, as it certainly would be unsurprising if the Chastisements were to burst forth upon the world very, very soon. When I wrote my post on Sudden Destruction (quoting Thessalonians) on Monday of last week, I had no idea that the Scripture reading for the upcoming weekend’s Mass (today, that is) would be precisely that. Noteworthy as well is the fact that this Wednesday, November 18th, is not only the 100th anniversary of legal abortion, it is also the 17th anniversary of same-sex “marriage” first becoming legal in the U.S. (via the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling on Goodridge vs. Department of Public Health), and it is the 42nd anniversary of the largest “mass suicide” in history: the Jonestown Massacre. (I added the quotation marks due to the fact that in some aspects it was more like a mass homicide.) And how fitting for these anniversaries to so align: suicide is precisely what modern society is engaging in through legalizing same-sex “marriage” and abortion. For not only are these things guaranteed to themselves destroy any society that adopts them, they also happen to constitute two of the four sins that we know, from Scripture, cry out to God for vengeance. November 18th (in 1974) was also the day that the Church came down particularly strongly against any sort of legalization of abortion. Quite a day, November 18th. 

Now remember, your calling is to engage in the battle God is calling you to, and have absolutely no fear. Do you remain in a state of grace, go to confession, go to Mass, love and forgive all, do works of mercy, pray the Rosary, pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and strive to Live in the Divine Will? If so, you needn’t have the slightest anxiety regarding what is coming. Even if you live in a small apartment with young children in the middle of a big city, you are nevertheless– by these aforementioned efforts– infinitely more safe than is a billionaire living in an underground bunker in the middle of nowhere. 

“Courage, My daughter-courage is of souls resolute to do good.  They are imperturbable under any storm; and while they hear the roaring of the thunders and lightnings to the point of trembling, and remain under the pouring rain that pours over them, they use the water to be washed and come out more beautiful; and heedless of the storm, they are more than ever resolute and courageous in not moving from the good they have started. “ – Jesus to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. April 16, 1931

Now, on to the Parable. READ THE REST OF HIS ARTICLE HERE.