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On Monday, March 29, 2021, 1:31 PM, Ann E wrote:


Dear Divine Will Family,
I am sending this news out because I trust the man who sent it to me, Francis Yuen. He is a very devout lover of Divine Will and I have communicated with Francis for over 20 years. I find him a very serious and knowledgeable soul who loves truth! I am sending this out for your own discernment. I know Francis will keep us informed. May God be glorified through this event!
Fiat always, may God’s Will alone be done!
We love you and keep each of you in our daily prayers!
Ann E

Hi Ann and Kathy,
Today, I received a call from Sita who is in Samoa (she’s known affectionately as “Mother Luisa” by the locals there). For a quick introduction, Sita was a former member of the Central Auckland Divine Will Cenacle (which I set up) where she learned about Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and The Gift of Living in the Divine Will. Sita then returned to Samoa and started up a Divine Will cenacle in Samoa under the auspices of the archbishop there. A notable member of that cenacle is a certain Toa who is a stigmatist.

Anyway, today’s call is about a certain 16 year old James from the mountain in Samoa who has been having “conversations” (usually on Fridays) with Jesus since he was 12 years old. Jesus Himself introduced James to The Gift of Living in the Divine Will and to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta (who was addressed as St Luisa by Jesus) and Jesus wants James’ Divine Will prayer group to be called “Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Divine Will”. By the way, do you know that “Sa Moa” literally means Sacred Heart. Jesus also wants James’ Divine Will prayer group to join up with the main Divine Will cenacle led by Sita.

Last Friday, Jesus told James that he will be taken away and James thought that it would be the end of his life on Earth and so he asked Jesus what about his parents and Jesus replied that James will be taken away for 3 days and Luisa (la santa) will return him back on Easter Sunday.

James has been shown Luisa la santa’s place in Heaven and he asked Jesus how come Luisa who is a creature is seen as of the same level as Jesus in Heaven and Jesus replied by saying that all souls who have lived in the Divine Will while on Earth will be likewise privileged in Heaven. (Editor’s note: So let us not let Our Lord down. Let us always live in the Divine Will so as to give God infinite, perfect and eternal love, glory, praise, blessing, adoration and thanksgiving in the name of all creatures past, present and future).

Jesus also told James that on Easter Sunday, the whole wide world will feel His Physical Presence. I then asked Sita whether this has anything to do with The Great Warning and she said she will ask James to ask Jesus. She will keep me posted and I will keep you posted. Both the local archbishop and the Prime Minister of Samoa have been informed.

Sita kept asking me to spread the word to the people, To Be Prepared!

Francis Yuen

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