Daniel O’Connor: No Time for Retreat…

The following article information is from Daniel O’Connor’s recent blog post which can be found here at Daniel O’Connor’s Website. All photo and text credits: Daniel O’Connor.

This is No Time for Retreat: Dare not Underestimate the Power of Your Witness

the power of your witness only grows ever stronger with each passing moment that brings us closer to the long-prophesied Great Events, and each new day presents an ever more urgent call to boldly proclaim the Faith. I am genuinely convinced of this, and I implore you to test out my thesis yourself. You will find it vindicated.

I’d like to share just a few experiences I’ve recently had with God’s utterly gratuitous outpouring of grace through my own meager efforts — efforts that all the faithful are easily capable of — in hopes of inspiring you to do likewise.

Daniel O’Connor

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