Personal Reflections on the Divine Will

By Monica Kolars

Our Lord gave humanity one prayer while on earth; the Our Father. Thus it is of utmost importance but don’t we all take it for granted, reciting it but never really thinking about why our Lord gave us this prayer? We know it is composed of seven petitions. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church, section 2803, in the section on prayer, we can read more about these petitions.

St. Teresa of Avila, in her Way of Perfectionism, writes a commentary on the Our Father. She was teaching her nuns how to pray. In fact, she relates a story about one day, a woman came to her who desired to enter Carmel. St. Teresa, as prioress, was interviewing her and asked her how she prayed. She said, “Mother, I don’t do a very good job. I start with the Our Father and find that I never finish it after hours of prayer.” St. Teresa responded, “My daughter, you are welcome in Carmel.” I am paraphrasing the story but it serves the point that in this short prayer, there are jewels to be mined. God wants to teach us about Himself and ourselves.

With the teaching on Divine Will given to us by Luisa Piccarreta we are able to look anew at the prayer of the Our Father and mine these jewels. Of course one goes immediately to the section of the prayer, Thy Will be done, the fiat. The fiat that the blessed Virgin gave at the Annunciation; the fiat Christ gave from the Cross; and the fiat of Luisa.

What about our fiat? Historically the phrase “Thy will be done,” has accomplished miracle after miracle. What could our fiat accomplish?